JdbcTemplate details part1

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JdbcTemplate methods

Data Retrieval

queryForInt(), queryForLong()
expects unique value.

expects one row. each column is a map key.

expects multiple rows. each entry of list is a map, and the map uses columns as keys.

expects one row as an instance

expects multiple rows. returns multiple objects. each row becomes one instance.


* PreparedStatementCreator
create prepared statement and bind values

* PreparedStatementSetter
bind values to prepared statement when you want to separate creation of prepared statement binding of values.

* ResultSetExtractor
process entire resultset and return one object. recommended to access resultset stateless

* RowCallbackHandler
process entire resultset statefull. Object which implement this interface will usually used after jdbctemplate call.

* RowMapper
process each result row and construct an object.

Data Manipulation

for insert,update, and delete statement


for DDL

JdbcTemplate extensions

* NamedParameterJdbcTemplate
Support named parameter (‘:id’,’:name’), use SqlParameterSource or Map to bind values to named parameters.

* SqlParameterSource
interface that represents keys, values, and sqlTypes for named parameters.

* SimpleJdbcTemplate
use Java5 functions such as vargs and generic.


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