JdbcTemplate details part3

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Error translation

Translate java.sql.SqlException to Spring’s data access exception hierarchy.

Root cause for all dao access exceptions. unchecked exception.
direct parent class is NestedRuntimeException

Native jdbc resource

When you need to work on native jdbc connections instead of spring wrapped connections, providing NativeJdbcExtractor to jdbcTemplate allows you to retrieve native connections. Then, you can cast the connection to the vendor specific connection object.

SingleConnectionDataSource, DriverManagerDataSource

Datasource for testing.

Create new connection every time.
useful for test outside of container, based on what API says.

Sub class of DriverManagerDataSource.
Always use the same connection, and not for multi threaded environement.

Transaction Management in JDBC

Utility class to retrieve a connection from spring transaction managers(thread bounded connection).

Let your datasource participate spring transaction management. reference my other post.

Implementation of PlatformTransactionManager. So, use this as a transaction manager if application solely use datasource. Bind connection to current thread.


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